What Redeeming passion is all about

Good Morning y’all! I want to give you guys just a little tid bit of what this blog is going to be about. This blog is intended to teach through the New Testament of the Bible. I have recently gone through a discipleship program where we were taught verse by verse through the new testament every morning. It was life changing for me. I have been a christian basically my whole life, but did not have the power to walk it out because I really did not have the understanding of daily devotions and walking in the Spirit. As I was going through the program I thought often about how people would benefit so much just from being able to hear God’s word taught verse by verse every day. I would make the comment to my director from time to time and she would just tell me that those who are called to such a program are blessed. It is so true, having that time out on life and just being in God’s word was such a blessing in my life. Recently God has placed it on my heart to be the one who provides such a service to those around me. That is what this blog is going to be on a day in day out basis, a teaching on God’s word. Tomorrow will start the first day of teaching and we will begin with the book of 1 John. I am so excited to begin the journey through scripture with you all!

The other thing that this blog is going to be about is information on sex addiction. We live in a sex crazed world that has negatively influenced our lives since our childhoods. This has infiltrated our youth and effects our adult lives. We have been lied to our whole lives and told that such addictions, especially porn addictions, are things that only men struggle with. The women in our society that struggle with this have been shunned, in their own minds and in society as well. So we have created this mindset that men are allowed to struggle with it and it is part of being a man. On the flip side society says that women are not suppose to struggle in this manner and they do struggle like these they are told they are dirty or bad and broken. Nothing is further from the truth. We have also created this thing in the church that church goers are not suppose to struggle with this issue, and that is not true. I am glad that we have teachings on these issues now, but we don’t want those that we are ministring to feel condemned, but rather loved and shown a new way a  of life, of walking in freedom. Remember it was the love of Christ that affected our lives and produced lasting change in us. Men, women, and Christians all live in this world and are affected by the evils that are preset here. As Christians we have the Spirit living inside of us and therefore have the power to live differently. We need to be educated in such a possibility though. That is what I plan to do twice a month. I want to begin to shine light on these issues and take away some of the stigma associated with them. I specifically want women to realize that there is hope and healing available through Christ and His word.

I have named this Redeeming Passion because that is exactly what we need. We need to have a passion for God and for His Word. The world has made passion into something sexual and wrong, but it is simply an intense desire. We need to desire God and the things laid out for us in His Word above all else. We are called to be passionate about the Lord and things of the Lord.

I hope that this blog blesses you all!

Caitlin Renee

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